Do you want to join our team?

We are looking for a full-time or part-time all-round bartender and/or waiter.

 We offer high earnings, a lot of teamwork and hard but stress-free work in a pleasant working atmosphere.
We teach you a universal work system that you will be able to use worldwide for the rest of your life.

With two people working, our big terrace can handle an enormous amount of effort.

The bar and our work system are completely geared to this.

Job description full-time bartender:
  • Opening the cafe and preparing the cash register.
  • Starting up, or closing the cafe with all associated activities such as making mice and place in the morning, and cleaning the bar in the evening.
  • A diploma in social hygiene is required, but you can obtain this at the expense of the company.
  • Managing the waiter.
  • Taking care of the music
Waiter job description:
  • Taking orders and serving.
  • Cleaning the terrace
  • And furthermore, all common activities are required to start or close the business.

A bartender and a waiter work per shift. The terrace has already been set up by the cleaner.
The waiter passes the orders handheld. The bartender starts making. After the waiter has cleared the tables, he/she picks up the order in the bar and where possible helps to make the order and serves the order.
The bartender takes care of the bar and where possible will help with the front terrace tables. So, the waiter also does bar work and the bartender also does terrace work. Teamwork is especially important.
The bartender also provides the music.
In the evenings and when the terrace weather is bad, music is played more intensively. We do that with the help of two computers and two DVD players. We mainly play live concerts that we show on the monitors that are hanging everywhere. So, if you like music, you’re in the right place and you can create a great atmosphere and let everyone enjoy our unique footage.

Both all-round bartenders and waiters are welcome.

Interested? Contact: or give us a call on 020 6253630