Rent a Cafe in Amsterdam

Rent Cafe on a Prime Location

Cafe De Regent offers you the attraction to play bartender!
Book your part of the day in the back of our cafe and stand behind our ‘mobile’ bar yourself. Pull the beer and serve for your guests or let yourself be taken care of. Hire a bartender yourself or put a good friend behind it.
Beer is available in 8-liter kegs in a number of varieties.
Soft drinks, spirits, and wines are available by the bottle.
In the shop, you can see what can be ordered and also the prices.
You can pay online with Ideal.


Your Advantage

The Prices of liquor are much lower than normally this way
Feel what it’s like to be a bartender
Be in the centre of attention and in the meantime enjoy and take care of your guests. 


Drink prices can be served for a low price this way.

Beer costs 2.25 per fluitje (typical Amsterdam-shaped beer glass 22cl)
Soda 2.20 
Wine 3.50 
Spirits 4.40 
You can only order and drink drinks if you have booked a part of the day.
We accept a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 35 people.
Spirits can only be drunk in a mix with soda.
There is a lockable cloakroom for your personal belongings.

Prices and conditions are subject to change.

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